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Q How come you don't have any Mets or Red Sox?

A I'm working on it. I've spent the past six months building up my portfolio for some work I may be doing with Steiner Sports - a marketing sports memorabilia company with a big Yankees following.

Q Can you paint a player for me if I can't find him or her in your portfolio?

A Yes. I do commissioned paintings. I work from a photo, so I'll need a photo at least 500 pixels high to work from - unless you can find it in a book or magazine that I can purchase.

Q How much do you charge for a painting?

A That depends on the size of the painting. A larger canvas is more expensive, requires more paint, and will take longer to complete than a smaller painting. The prices can be found on my pricing link.

Q Do you paint in oils or acrylics?

A Acrylics.

Q Do you paint anything other than sports?

A Yes, I can paint a portrait of anyone, so long as I have a photo to use as reference. I'm not an expert landscape painter and my skills lie in the people department.

Q Do you take credit cards?

A Not at the moment.


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